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09/17/2009 08:44 - Bobble This

Get ready folks. Doug Melvin Bobblehead day is fast approaching. THIS Sunday. Start camping out now. Pretty awesome for a GM to get a bobblehead. Who else has one? Jerry Reinsdorf? Al Davis? Mitch Kubiak? Jerry Jones? I don't think so. Just Mr. Doug Melvin.

Big interview with Attanasio last night where he expressed disappointment, but told people not to panic too much. He doesn't want to give up by trading the Prince or firing everyone. What do you guys think? Can we do it with our current roster? Do we need to make drastic moves? Are Doug and Ken the right guys?

09/17/2009 14:06 - Markmotown

Yeah, I haven't lost faith in the leadership. Priorities: keep Prince and for the love of God, get some starting pitchers for next season!!! Who will be on the pitching market next year, anyway?

09/19/2009 18:15 - Stay Strongs

What about Zambrano? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Prabal Gurung Front Row NYFW Fall 2013 Jamie King and Eve at Prabal Gurung ELLE Jaime King on Prabal Gurung's Military-Inspired Fall 2013 LineFebruary 10 6:00 PMby Lorraine Cwelich 0 CommentsPhoto: Kelsey BennettEve, Jaime King, and Analeigh Tipton watched from the front row at St. John’s Center yesterday as Prabal Gurung sent his elegant, military-themed Fall 2013 collection down the runway.Especially striking were the peplum jackets and fox-lined anoraks in loden green and navy, and the jewel-toned satin screen-goddess gowns that Jean Harlow would have adored. Backstage, Gurung told us that his collection was about "the empowerment and advancement of femininity."He explained, "I was reading a Time magazine article about the invention of body armament for women and the redesigning of women’s uniforms, and the lifting of the [front-line combat] ban. We take for granted that all these women are out there and don’t always get their due. To me, there’s nothing more powerful for women than being able to assert their femininity in a confident way and ruling the world. If more women were in power, I think the world would be a better place.”Jaime King shared her enthusiasm for Gurung's collection. “What I love about Prabal’s work is the incredible mix of masculine and feminine," she said. "I feel like his clothing comes from a dream. He uses color, design, and patterns in a way that nobody else does. I think it’s really exciting what he does.”As we continued down his front row, we bumped into Eve, who later performed at Gurung's after party. She told us why she is a fan of Prabal’s work. "It’s very structured but also beautiful," she noted. "Structure works well on my body. I love beautiful elements but don’t like to be frilly and Prabal splits the difference.” The hip-hop artist described her personal style as: “Schizophrenic! I like to be relaxed in what I wear; I like to be chill...but also look glamorous. The [url=http://uk-karendresses.co.uk/]cheap karen millen[/url] dress I have on now is Prabal’s and it works, you know?”Eve’s latest album, Lip Lock, drops on May 14. [url=http://sunglassesfactory.net/]discount ray ban sunglasses[/url] We wondered if she planned on collaborating with Gwen Stefani again; they won the first-ever [url=http://sunglassesfactory.net/]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Grammy in 2002 for “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.” “Wouldn’t that be great?” she mused. [url=http://sunglassesfactory.net/]sunglassesfactory.net[/url] “Actually I do have a pop singer on [url=http://sunglassesfactory.net/]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] this album, from Cobra Starship. It’s a song dedicated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of [url=http://uk-karendresses.co.uk/]karen millen[/url] America; I’m their new ambassador. It’s an amazing organization from Philly, where I’m from, and it’s all about the importance of mentoring." Our final chat before the show was with Analeigh Tipton from America’s Next Top Model season 11 in Amsterdam, who went on to star in Crazy, Stupid, Love. “I’m not doing any more modeling,” she told us. “For one thing, it’s taking all my strength to stand up in these heels!” She was wearing Gurung's insanely cool, sky-high, multi-colored platform Mary Janes.Photo: Kelsey BennettSee the Fall 2013 Prabal Gurung Ready-to-Wear collection.See all the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections.

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Paris Notebook Part Deux: Hotel Edition ELLE Paris Notebook [url=http://kmoutlet365.co.uk/]cheap karen millen outlet[/url] Part Deux: Hotel EditionMarch 25 6:21 PMby ELLE 0 Comments March 25, 2008 Outside the Hotel Bel-Ami in the St. Germain After spending a few incredible nights at the Fouquet's Barriere, I shuttled around town from hotel to hotel like a very indulged orphan. First stop? The Hotel Edouard VII in the Opera. If you are looking for an authentic, slightly old-fashioned Parisian experience, this is your home away from home. Gone were the sleek, modern touches of [url=http://kmoutlet365.co.uk/]karen millen online[/url] the Fouquet's–in their place were traditional pieces of furniture, brocade and velvet bedding, a rustic wooden floor, and a gorgeous tassled canopy over the crisply made bed. The location was ideal–a five minute stroll to the Louvre in one direction and the same to the Opera Garnier (the one that is famously haunted by the Phantom of the Opera!) in the other. As a bonus, the yummy, highly rated Angl'Opera restaurant is right downstairs in the lobby. After the old-fashioned charm of the Edouard VII, [url=http://kmoutlet365.co.uk/]karen millen outlet online[/url] it was on to Hotel Bel-Ami in the St. Germain neighborhood (which you can closely compare to the West Village or SoHo here in New York). As the cab drove over the Pont Neuf bridge, taking me to the Rive Gauche (or Left Bank), we passed Cafe de Flore, an old haunt of such literary luminaries as Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. Turns out, the cafe is on the corner of the hotel, just a few steps away. Also near the hotel: fantastic boutiques, restaurants, small art galleries, and most importantly, Laduree (maker of the most divine macaroons in the world). The area is definitely cuter and more homey than the Champs-Elysee or the Opera. That said, the Bel-Ami fits right in with it's surroundings. It's a cozy, trendy boutique hotel that offers different color-themed rooms depending on the "mood" you want to create (I was placed in an Orange Room which are meant to "lift the spirit"). On my last night in Paris, I filled the deep bathtub with scalding hot water, bubbles, and soaked for, I kid you not, two hours while engrossed in a novel...their bathrooms are vibrantly decorated and scattered with single flowers to make you feel right at home. Stay tuned for more Paris Notebooks–I'm not done yet, ladies! xo Tags:

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Rachel Zoe DreamDry Salon Rachel Zoe Interview New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 ELLE Rachel Zoe on Her Equestrian-Chic Fall Line and DreamDry Salon OpeningFebruary 14 11:15 AMby Lauren Levinson 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesSometimes we go to shows just to see inspiration for what [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory[/url] we would wear if we were über-tall, svelte, and had a red-carpet gala to attend, but Rachel Zoe's Fall 2013 show felt more like a shopping preview. We could really envision ourselves, coworkers, and friends wearing her effortlessly cool, yet statement-making styles. The details were what made each piece stand out: A leather buckle on skinny pants here, a fur collar or sexy keyhole there. And of course it was all expertly styled: Pant suits with wide-brim [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]savebigshopping.com[/url] hats, darling dresses with leather gloves, and innovative layering.When we caught [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory[/url] up with the reality TV star, celebrity stylist, and designer backstage after the runway, she humbly admitted, "I'm still nervous. I'm still shaking."We asked her about her inspiration: "[I'm in] England, and I'm riding horses, which I don't do but this girl does probably, and if she doesn't, she looks like she does. I gave her a really tough edge, a really cool air about her, and totally androgyny. I used leather, suedes, metals, sequins, and chains just to kind of toughen her up a little."While there were many standout pieces, she offered her favorites. "The tuxedo jumpsuit, the finale, the leather long sleeve dress, and all the leather pieces," she noted. "I just love the chunky knit sweater. I'm very attached to this collection."Today is also a big day for Zoe as she is opening a new salon in NYC, DreamDry, with her business partner, Robin Moraetes. The chic salon in the Flatiron District offers a variety of washes and blowouts ($40) or dry-hair styling ($20). When we told Zoe we were sporting a blow-dry from the salon (we had the privilege of [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory outlet online[/url] testing out the services a few days in advance), she revealed she had her sleek strands done there, too. "Isn't that fun!" she gushed. "Amazing! I'm hearing about people having the best experiences. [I opened it] because we care what our hair looks like, and we need a fresh blow-dry. You [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach outlet online[/url] can't get dressed without good hair. So, that just seemed [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory[/url] like the answer to our prayers." Does she plan to open more DreamDry chains? "Oh, for sure!" she responded. And the style maven continues to grow her fashion (and now beauty!) empire.See all the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections. See the Fall 2013 Rachel Zoe Ready-to-Wear collection.Photo: ImaxTree

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http://www.watchyume.com/ Ryan ****erson, Moorestown, So.: Burlington County's premier player, who uses forceful terrain strokes, went [url=http://www.watchkakuyasu.com/]ポールスミス 時計[/url] 334 as any varsity rookie. The steady baseliner with added power and a greater allaround game will lead his team in Class 3. He [url=http://www.watchbasis.com/]グッチ 時計[/url] also looks to create some state singles noise after reaching the circular of 16 last planting season. http://www.watchseiru.com/ Nick Bradley, Waldwick, Jr.: In his [url=http://www.watchyume.com/]バーバリー 時計[/url] debut previous spring, Bradley posted a 201 document and captured the Bergen Region Tournament small schools title using a victory over [url=http://www.watchseiru.com/]ハミルトン 腕時計[/url] now graduated Michael Solimano of Pascack Inclines, who then beat Bradley within the quarterfinal round of the particular NJSIAA singles tournament. http://www.watchkakuyasu.com/ Michael Chen, Holmdel, So.: The secondsingles player had been overshadowed [url=http://www.watchyume.com/]マーク ジェイコブス 時計[/url] by a as good team before reaching the particular state singles quarterfinals. He continues to participate in behind Derek Liu to begin with, forming the best [url=http://www.watchbasis.com/]コーチ 時計[/url] onetwo punch inside state, for the reigning Collection 2 and Monmouth County Tournament champion. http://www.watchbasis.com/ Dan Eatroff, Newark Academy, Sr.: The rock for that 2011 and '12 NonPublic B champ has [url=http://www.watchkakuyasu.com/]ポールスミス 時計[/url] rolled behind the leadership and skill with its No. 1. A fouryear starter at the beginning singles, Eatroff is expected to assist the state's most adorned program maintain status quo.

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http://www.watchmainiti.com/ Durex Fundawear uses feel technology [url=http://www.watchmainiti.com/]オメガ 時計[/url] by placing actuators within the underwear which is next remotely stimulated using an app that may be controlled via mobile phones and computers, therefore replicating the think of human touch. How. sexy? http://www.bvtokyo.com/ Nicely, that can now become possible as Durex [url=http://www.bvtokyo.com/]ボッテガヴェネタ アウトレット[/url] Australia recently released "fundawear, " a product that they say allows "touch to be [url=http://www.watchjphouse.com/]時計 メンズ[/url] transferred on the internet. " http://www.watchjphouse.com/ Couples hoping to use Fundawear style worry about their [url=http://www.bvtokyo.com/]ボッテガヴェネタ[/url] undies searching like robots. [url=http://www.watchjphouse.com/]アルマーニ 時計[/url] Bille Whitehouse, a designer for Durex, says in a movie that "everyone's who's tried using the garment on provides said how [url=http://www.watchmainiti.com/]オメガ 時計[/url] comfortable they may be, how good they sense in them.

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yesterday's intimate gathering on the 16th [url=http://coachbagswholesales.com/]coach factory outlet[/url] floor of a speakeasy space in [url=http://coachoutlet2bags.com/]coach outlet[/url] Midtown in honor of Yeohlee Teng's new Fall collection. Photo: Imaxtree  As I walked in, took my seat and scanned the small, all-black clad, ethnically and age diverse crowd, I couldn't help but smile and [url=http://coachoutlet2bags.com/]coach outlet bags[/url] think, "Wow, BCBG this is not." Chic [url=http://coachoutlet2bags.com/]factory coach outlet[/url] as the attendees all were, it was clear nobody was there to impress or to be seen. There was no BlackBerrying, no loud name-dropping and no strapless cocktail dress with lapis-hued fishnets and peacock-feather adorned cocktail hat [url=http://coachoutlet2bags.com/]http://coachoutlet2bags.com/[/url] wearing. Much the opposite of what I'd seen at Bryant [url=http://coachbagswholesales.com/]Coachbagswholesales.com[/url] Park, this was a group of fashion-as-art purists expecting craftsmanship and ingenuity. Guided by "a principle of economy in design, fabric, and execution," Ms. Teng paid acute attention to proportion and included in her 23 looks everything from super structured work separates and an architectural alpaca poncho (you had to see it to believe it) to silk sarongs manipulated into high-waisted, floor-length evening skirts and a "molten metal" cocktail dress with a bat-like hemline I might just have to stalk until Sample Sale season arrives. Yeohlee, your audience set the bar high, but your collection was near-perfect and exceeded all expectations.  Now please, tell me where I can find one of those alpaca skullcaps–it's cold outside, and I don't have much hair. Thanks in advance,Johanna Tags:

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Wrap Up: Libertine, [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory online[/url] factory[/url] Rachel Antonoff & Adam Lippes ELLE Wrap Up: Libertine, Rachel Antonoff & Adam LippesFebruary 14 10:53 AMby Misty Sidell 0 Comments Photo: Getty/Libertine If this weekend's shows collectively stood for something, [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]savebigshopping.com[/url] it was certainly a nod to Valentine's Day. Yes that little holiday that is often dreaded by fashion insiders for its terrifying abundance of chocolate, was [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory outlet[/url] the tipping point for a display of femininity suitable for both the young and old. Starting out at Fiorello LaGuardia High School's gym (FAME!), designer Rachel Antonoff presented her Fall collection to the beat of cult band, The Like, whose tunes were so infectious they prompted Alexa Chung to sock [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach factory[/url] hop amongst brightly colored hostess cakes and pastel balloons.  Models bopped around in tween-appropriate drop waist frocks and plaid separates, complete with artistically printed tights featuring offbeat knee-patch designs. The mood was so contagious, it triggered Chung to draw her signature peter-pan collar onto an existing sketch in my journal. Who could blame her? When asked if she wore similar garb to her high school dances she replied, "I'm from England, we don't have those." Seems her depravity was finally fulfilled thanks to some designer genius. Further downtown at Libertine's hotly anticipated return to the runway, Johnson Hartig unveiled his restructured designs for the briefly shuttered brand. Architecturally tailored shifts were sweet, thanks to an exquisite array of bright wool plaids pleasantly reminiscent of your grandmother's scratchy angora blankets from the 70's. There were some sophisticated gold jacquard pieces too, all of which were well suited to New York's army of women looking for a unique piece to transition them from work to play. Returning to Lincoln Center, Adam Lippes presented his popular pared-down grown-up fare to an audience of department store buyers, ready [url=http://savebigshopping.com/]coach outlet online[/url] to scoop up his swift-selling pieces. Perfect for the muted Greenwich-set, his collection included a discriminatingly girlish series of creamy pink pieces that seemed ready for a stroll through New Canaan's town center. No matter your romantic status, it seems there are plenty of sweet girly picks to occupy your mind over the next few excruciatingly saccharine days. Brave the drug store candy aisle and enjoy the shows! Tags: alexa chung rachel antonoff LaGuardia High School lincoln center libertine Johnson Harding adam lippes

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Yang Chen: Ji Xiang will probably be recommended again subsequently following entire team goes back Delayed in March 30, go beyond 31 models to look at each and every competition within, continual of sleek Guangzhou associated with fight associated with 1-1 involving discipline regarding Jiangsu Avoid Just about all Souls'Day is large, commence involving Ji Xiang of Shun evening youthful common merely Seven a few moments are group head to drive an archive. After sweepstakes, yang Chen of Avoid morning chief of your class will be recognized when choosing, divulge right after telling turn back, whole party will compliment Ji Xiang in turn, concurrently younger crowd outperforms the weather of the location to always be acknowledged drastically for you to Benchangbi. Yang Chen says: Should say either side focused an excellent sport, the climate which goes up from the variety of supporter, industry actually, it is very marvellous, in case throughout exceed an industry to be able to strike this stage, that's optimistic genuinely. Ji Xiang throughout start Several seconds are usually strike straight into a single ball, group suits surpasses inside was being created file of the most effective aim, yang Chen expressed congratulation to Ji Xiang, show trainer of [url=http://lpre.cperi.certh.gr/cheapwomensjordan.aspx]jordan sneakers for sale[/url] the team mate soon after expressing competition can compliment him subsequently, advance any basketball inside Ji Xiang really after, anyone finds out this became nodded her head in the heart, after we get ready to hold back pertaining to total team to go back, compliment your ex again therefore. Avoid Tian can be right after very first 50 % is actually advertising, situation had been engrossed in certain passivity, other than of Kelaiao lower enthusiast as well as Deng Xiaofei's extraordinarily brave, be afraid the actual match can be early ended up being broken actually. Above all through real durability regarding genuinely potential of the particular durability together with wonderful continual, individual own method should examine the Shun Tianjiang, but we're recumbent spell attention to be in dozen. Inside any time sleeping, episcopal apply [url=http://lpre.cperi.certh.gr/cheapwomensjordan.aspx]cheap air max 90[/url] inquired actual physical capacity state of everyone most importantly, operate immobile, in the event the word associated with issue of it makes no difference, the next fifty percent is constantly on the manage, this specific rhythm cannot rein inside.

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