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08/29/2008 08:20 - Get Out the Six Shooters

We were discussing appropriate baseball celebrations yesterday and my brother said he could understand opposing team's players getting upset by the Brewers after the untucking of shirts. "Making a human pyramid after a game would also be fun, but you don't see teams doing that." At the same time, this is the same brother who made a 12 year-old cry after beating him in Uno and busting out the six shooters.

The Turnbow sloppiness has not escaped the team (though he has). Cameron has kept it alive with the shirt untucks after a hard day of work. I don't know how cool of a celebration this is- it just makes them look like little kids getting ready for bed with their big shirts. If it works for them and they are trying to win so badly that they can untuck their shirts- I'm all for it.

08/29/2008 09:04 - Luke

Heck yeah! Lambeau Leap! I say after every home win - the guys go jump in the freakin' stands and run around for a bit giving high fives to everyone and stealing random beers. The "MP Romp" they'll call it. Better yet, after every 1-2-3 inning, all nine guys jump on top of the dugout and start firing up the crowd like a middle linebacker before a big defensive play. I say if they're going to get the rep for thumbing their nose at folks, then they should really get their money's worth. Or for every strikeout, whomever is pitching can roll the ball towards the guy who just got struck out so he can have a memento of his recent embarrassment. Maybe after home runs, somebody should toss out a lawn chair from the dugout so Fielder can have a seat for a moment before he casually tosses the bat towards the mound so the pitcher can reflect on the instrument of his destruction. ----- Seriously... This stuff is priceless. I think the guys in baseball are a tad too sensitive. In football, you have guys making phone calls, signing footballs, dancing like a chicken. Nobody complains. They understand: "Hmmm, he's dancing like a chicken because he just owned me. I should do better next time." I think if the crew (or anyone - let it be the Cubbies, they can pretty much kick the crap out of anyone right now) started some of these shenanigans, the un-tucking of the shirts would seem like what it is - trivial at best. Or maybe one last idea. Post home run... Don't even look at the ball. Brauny can just stop and face the catcher and tell him what a good pitch choice that was, then point to the stands where the home run landed and laugh maniacally.

08/29/2008 09:49 - Alex


08/29/2008 10:08 - Andy in Seattle

I don't really see how it's a big deal. They've explained the untucking like a day of work has been finished. Nothing wrong with that, because it's true, they did just finish a day at work.

08/29/2008 10:19 - Teve

Andy, for nothing more than to argue with you, why don't they untuck after a loss then? They've still just completed a day of work, no?

08/29/2008 10:33 - Luke

I think what they're going for is the feeling of satisfaction after a "good" day's work. We've all had them. Days where you come home crack open a beer and you're living the high life. (Let's hope I can pick up the commission for that one) Some days can suck, where you just trudge through it and whatnot - no real feeling of relief or satisfaction. At the very least, I'm not sure that any offense should be taken by the opposing players. Now then - if Cameron is untucking his shirt with two outs while the opponent is still batting in a manner which says "Yeah - this is over" Then I can see where offense might be taken.

08/29/2008 11:37 - Andy in Seattle

Are you sure they don't untuck after a loss? If they don't, I guess I don't know the true answer there. Maybe they don't consider that a day of finished work. *shrugs*

08/29/2008 11:43 - Constanza

Make that one tuck. One untuck.

08/29/2008 11:53 - Teve

either way its no big deal.....I enjoy my team showing a certain swagger or cockyness(sp?).... an aramis bat flip, soriano pose at home(not on a single though) or zambrano showing a little fire on the mound(not in the dugout though). I enjoy these things as a fan. If I didn't I'd watch Asian ball where everyone is very courteous to eathother.....booooooring! I want to see some FIRE.....

08/29/2008 11:55 - Andy in Seattle

Yea, no doubt there. Gotta get fired up. It's supposed to be fun, and controlled displays of emotion goes a long way to aiding in team moral.

08/29/2008 12:01 - Markmotown

Luke--those are some of the funniest celebration suggestions I've ever heard. If I wasn't so opposed to blogisms, I'd even give that one a "LOL" (and not the "lots of love" LOL, but the other one). Anyway, before this whole thing got blown-up, I heard that the untucking thing was something Cameron picked-up in little league. If that is true, maybe then he should break-out the little league chatter, too.

08/29/2008 12:30 - Luke

Yeah - I read early on that it was Cameron who started it. It seems he's a pretty decent guy. He was good to the guys he dealt with in the Minors and he's making some good turns in the bigs here. Truth be told, when the crew wins, I look for the guys who haven't un-tucked and I'm like - "Wow, what a square." Truth be told, I think Sheets would play the whole game un-tucked if it were an option. ----- The other thing I didn't even mention was the comedy of the Pujols interview. He mentioned how much he respects the game about a billion times (even though he watches homers for longer than anyone I've seen) and also mentioned that somehow everything was fine with Carlos until he pointed at the St. Louis bench. WTF? Pointing? What is he, like ten? ----- Either way, I want to see these guys get serious about showboating. Steal a base? I want to see Weeks pull out a sharpie and sign the thing. Pick up a walk in a big spot? I want to see Counsell moonwalking all the way to first base. We should set up a forum for nothing other than awesome showboating ideas and forward all suggestions to the players association for consideration. ----- No matter what, we need to go beat the Bucs pretty soundly this weekend to stay in it.

08/29/2008 12:42 - tim

Moonwalking after a walk is fantastic. How about after six players touch the ball in a triple play (rundown for final out) they do this:

08/29/2008 13:29 - Luke

awesome. I have no idea how you did it, but awesome.

08/29/2008 13:39 - Jay Leno

How much do Miller Parkers miss seeing a Harley cruise around the park during pitching changes? What is it now, like a Chevy Avalon or something like that? Boring! Bring back the rumble Milwaukee!

08/29/2008 14:35 - Lobe

Hey Leno, so true! I am all for a Chevy Truck during the pitching change, but the family 4 door has to go. It would be sweet to see them bring back the Harley! Speaking of old school, how about bringing back some celebrations from little league/high school/softball. Every Brewer Dong gets greeted by the entire team at home for a line of high fives. Not obnoxious enough for you? I think the Crew's pitchers should pull out the six shooters after every strikeout,(think former Packer Tim Harris after a sack)and after a 1,2,3 inning aim a fake shotgun and shoot Commando style towards the opposing teams dugout! Still not enough to make you pull a Pujols muscle? Then how about kicking it new school and after each HR and or K, the player does the Soulja Boy dance! On a serious note. The Cameron Shirt Untucking...has been a career long tribute to his father. They only do it for a win because it represents a job well done. Prince liked it and it spread to the whole team. Fortunately for Manny Parra the other thing Prince liked didn't catch on.

08/29/2008 14:56 - Albert Pujols

I've got the most respect for the game of any player in the world. This is all insane. The only person allowed to showboat is me. But I respect the game. My showboating is out of respect. I am the game. I am the best player in the entire world, so the rules are written around me. If you disrespect the game you disrespect me. If you disrespect me, you disrespect the game. If I am losing or things don't go my way, that means somebody is disrespecting the game. At that point I will have to step in, because I am the game respect police.

08/29/2008 15:27 - Teve


08/29/2008 15:41 - Tim

Luke, the human pyramid is easy. You just need three strong guys as your base, and then a little guy up on top.

08/29/2008 16:46 - jen

I can't believe all this friggin drama about untucking. Yes, is a strange ritual. But it all came about with the Cardinals, I could be wrong. I try to envision the Cubs or Cardinals doing it to us, and it honestly would not bother me. But what do I know? What bothers me is hitting a player in a area where he has an injury. I would have a problem if we did it to Derrick Lee, it is such a dirty way to play.

08/29/2008 17:12 - Teve

Jen, was that a vailed threat at D LEE !?!?!?

08/29/2008 17:56 - jen

No. It's called an example.

08/29/2008 22:51 - Tony LaRussa

Simmer down Al. I AM THE GAME and you know it. You are simply my foot soldier. I'll order the beanballs out of respect to the game, and cry about the other team disrespecting the game when they retaliate. Then afterwards, we'll go out and get plowed and drive back to the hotel. As for the Brewers- Thank you Carlos Villanueva for waking up the sleeping dog. Its much appreciated...unfortunately, we took an itsy-bitsy nap today and didn't hear the alarm clock go off.

08/30/2008 10:45 - Luke

Tim... I was unsure how you got a picture on there. The human pyramid is pretty simple. ten year old cheerleaders have been doing it for ages.

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These types of centres have superb counselors adept at these kinds of practicesYou will find a few diverse instructional classes of antiviral drug treatments offered and discovering the right blend is essential to prolonging the person's lifestyleOut-patient stores are likely to be the least expensive selection for many individualsThere are numerous other ingredients, which modify the neurological system and may trigger hallucination and also other difficultiesDisease can be about the increaseApproximately a third regarding intravenous addicts will certainly agreement HIV, Liver disease T as well as H, on account of risk factors such as expressing fine needles, as well as hazardous making love practice between usersIn fact, approximately 6% involving medical professionals graduating through medical school have any official trained in dietOutpatient treatment method contains substance schooling, particular person and party counselling, and case supervisionOther issues arising beyond 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Des rumeurs sur de prétendus massacres de musulmans circulèrent le jour-même dans les hameaux, villes et villages situés à des dizaines de kilomètres à la ronde de Sétif, Guelma et Kherrat. Des campagnards musulmans tuèrent, mutilèrent ou massacrèrent des hommes, des femmes et des enfants d’origine européenne, quelquefois plusieurs membres d’une même famille. Bilan officiel : 103 morts et 109 blessés.Dès le lendemain, le 9 mai, le massacre à grande échelle des Algériens d’origine musulmane commença. Méthodique. Impitoyable. Disproportionné. Bref, de la barbarie à l’état pure. Objectif : terroriser suffisamment le peuple algérien pour lui extirper pour longtemps la revendication de l’indépendance nationale. De Gaulle ordonna lui aussi de baigner l’insurrection dans le sang.De mai à août, pendant ces quatre longs mois, blindés, artillerie, aviation et marine de guerre bombardèrent et incendièrent de nombreux hameaux et fermes appartenant à des musulmans. Des milliers d’Algériens furent abattus sans sommation ou exécutés sommairement par groupes de 10, 20 ou plus par des militaires, des gendarmes, des policiers et des miliciens d’origine européenne. Leurs cadavres ont été jetés dans des fosses communes, des fours à chaux ou du haut des falaises de la ville de Kherrata. Femmes, hommes, vieillards et enfants avaient été mis à genoux, les mains sur la tête, pendant des heures sous un soleil de plomb, et étaient obligés par les militaires de crier : « Vive la France ! », « Nous sommes des chiens et Ferhat Abbas est un chien ! »…Selon les chiffres officiel du gouvernement algérien, ces massacres ont entraîné 45 000 morts parmi les Algériens d’origine musulmane. C’est en réalité une reprise des estimations établies par le Consulat états-unien en Algérie durant ces événements. Cependant, les évaluations les plus sérieuses en l’état actuel de la recherche historique varient entre 15 000 et 18 000 morts (sans compter les blessés), et entre 5 et 10 000 arrestations, dont 99 con****ations à mort, 64 con****ations aux travaux forcés à perpétuité et 329 autres à des travaux forcés à temps.Tous furent toutefois amnistiés l’année suivante, grâce à la puissante campagne menée en ce sens, principalement par les communistes algériens et français, par le journal, l’Humanité.Auparavant, outre le parti socialiste, Jacques Duclos, Maurice Thorez et leurs camarades du bureau politique du Parti communiste français, le Parti communiste algérien et l’Humanité avaient qualifié cette révolte du peuple algérien de « complot fasciste », fomenté de conserve par les leaders nationalistes algériens, les agents nazis et ceux de Vichy. Ils avaient traité les indépendantistes algériens d’« agents hitlériens », eux qui avaient subi, ainsi que les communistes, la répression de l’administration coloniale prohitlérienne ; et demandé de les « châtier impitoyablement et rapidement ».Ces massacres sonnèrent toutefois le glas du système colonial en Algérie. Pour beaucoup de leaders nationalistes et d’historiens, le compte à rebours de la lutte armée du peuple algérien pour son émancipation avait commencé cette année-là. D’ ailleurs, le général Duval (commandant de la subdivision militaire de Constantine et l’un des principaux auteurs de cette boucherie) ne s’était pas trompé dans ses prévisions, quand il avait écrit à ses supérieurs : « Je vous ai donné la paix pour dix ans. Mais il ne faut pas se leurrer. Tout doit changer en Algérie. » Mais rien n’avait changé.Les peuples ex-colonisés et leurs enfants réclament que la France, qui avait avant tout trahi ses propres principes républicains, humanistes et de justice, demande pardon pour ses crimes coloniaux, comme elle l’a fait pour les Juifs, qu’elle avait voulu exterminer en collaboration avec les nazis, et comme l’ont fait les Etats-Unis d’Amérique avec leurs ressortissants noirs, et l’Australie avec ses aborigènes…N’en déplaise à quelques attardés de l’Histoire de l’extrême droite et ses idiots utiles, parmi une minorité de « laïques » musulmanophobes de « gauche », cette idée est en train de faire son chemin au sein de l’opinion publique, notamment des nouvelles générations non gangrenées par le racisme anti-Arabes, et dans les plus hautes sphères de l’Etat français.Sources :Henri Alleg (collectif), la Guerre d’Algérie, T.1 , éditions Messidor, Paris, 1981.Annie Rey-Golzeiger, Aux Origines de la guerre d’Algérie : 1940-1945, de Mers-el-Kébir aux massacres du nord-constantinois, éditions La Découverte-Syros, Paris, 2001.Jean-Louis planche, Sétif 1945 : histoire d’un massacre annoncé, éditions Perrin, Paris, 2006.Partager sur Blog this! 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