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07/08/2007 09:15 - Not Enough

Let's face it. The Prince is a chunkster. We need to band together and make sure he doesn't eat all the Cream Puffs at this year's State Fair. I hope we're not in Miller Park when the eating parade is going down. At the same time though, that weight sure gives him a lot of power. His momentum running around the bases is tremendous and he hits dongs like he's Mickey Mouse swatting flies. If it were an arm wrestling contest between his right arm and my whole body- I still don't think he'd move. For shame. I'd need Optimus Prime on my side for a fighting chance. Snap this streak and get the series win before the break duderinos.

07/08/2007 13:08 - Stanley Spadowski

I've been waiting all day for some offense. Getting shut out through 5 was bad enough. This is sort of an odd rally, with Capuano working hard to set it all up. Hopefully he won't be tired on the mound after being on the bases all inning. That was a clutch double for Prince. I'm glad too, because his average with RISP hasn't been that great all year.

07/08/2007 13:17 - Doh!

Am I looking at that correctly? Did Capuano just walk a guy with a .045 average. Guess what, it just bit us in the butt. Back to being down by 1. Argh.

07/08/2007 13:21 - Ugh!

As Uecker would say... "he just walked another"!

07/08/2007 16:25 - Brewersman

Cubs- Completely Useless By September!!!! HAHAHAAHA!

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